Tourism Drivers

Tourism Private Driver Hire

Hire your own personal driver for an afternoon or a full day for a relaxed, friendly local experience. At Freedom Drivers we offer tourism driving services across New Zealand.

On holiday and don’t feel like taking a crowded tour? Arriving on a cruise and would prefer a calm, relaxing and friendly drive to check out the local sights?

A Freedom Tourism Driver is a great option. We can take you where you want to go or make some recommendations. For a completely flexible personal driving service for tourists speak to your local Freedom Driver.

  • All ages – seniors to families
  • Full day, half day or a few hours – whatever suits you
  • Short trips or long trips – talk to us and we’ll advise
  • Sightseeing – scenic routes
  • Local places of interest – wineries, galleries, National Parks
  • Conferences and weekends away
  • Stop where and when you want – enjoy complete freedom
  • Extra assistance along the way if you need it – we are happy to help
  • Affordable rates

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