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Personal Driving Service for Tourists

We support New Zealand travel and tourism by offering a personal local transport service for tourists and holidaymakers.

If you are on holiday with a partner, family or friends you may not feel like taking a group tour with other people. Or perhaps you are arriving on a cruise ship and would enjoy a calm, relaxing and friendly drive to check out the local sights. A Freedom Driver is a great alternative to a private hire taxi.

You can hire us for half a day or a full day and enjoy the spontaneity and freedom of being able to go where you want, when you want. Experience total flexibility spending as long as you like at a particular spot, moving on when you want to or stopping when you feel like it for lunch or a drink. No worries about driving after a leisurely lunch and a delicious glass or two of local wine!

Tourism transport options are available for day trips, half day or you can hire us by the hour for a relaxed and friendly local experience.

You may have a clear idea of where you want to go and what you would like to fit into the day. If not, we can make recommendations based on our local knowledge of places of interest and travel times to various destinations so you get the most out of your day.

We are happy to transport you around a local area and we will also undertake longer trips as required.

For a completely flexible personal driving service for tourists speak to your local Freedom Driver.

  • All ages – seniors to families
  • Wheelchair accessible transport available in some areas – check our contacts page
  • Full day, half day or a few hours – whatever suits you
  • Short trips or long trips – talk to us and we’ll advise
  • Sightseeing – scenic routes
  • Local places of interest – wineries, galleries, National Parks
  • Conferences and weekends away
  • Stop where and when you want – enjoy complete freedom
  • Extra assistance along the way if you need it – we are happy to help
  • Competitive rates

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