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Welcome to Freedom
Transport you can trust

Welcome to Freedom Companion Driving Service

Freedom Drivers are a great alternative to taxis. Our service is personal, caring and reliable and our kind, friendly drivers provide transport you can really trust.

Our personal driving service is great for anyone who wants extra thoughtfulness and perhaps a little bit of extra help and support at either end of the journey. We help seniors get to appointments, those recovering from illness or injury, or with mobility challenges or disabilities, through to children and teens needing safe travel. We will even take pets to the vet.

In addition to transport, we provide companion services which include assistance with shopping, picking up prescriptions, or just taking you out for a cuppa or a scenic drive. We are happy to help with walkers or wheelchairs if you use one.

One of the big advantages of our service, compared to larger call centre or app based taxi services, is that it is very personal and individualised. You will have the opportunity to build a relationship with your local Freedom Driver who will get to know you, your situation and any special needs or preferences. You can take confidence in the fact that you will be driven by someone you know and who knows you.

Our personal driving service for tourists and holiday makers is a great flexible option if you just want to relax on holiday without having to worry about driving and finding your way around. Go where you want, when you want without having to be part of a busy tour or group.

Freedom Companion Driving Services are ACC Registered Vendors and service providers for the Total Mobility (TM) transport scheme and we accept TM cards, vouchers or ‘taxi chits’ in most areas