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Welcome to Freedom Companion Driving Service

Freedom Drivers provide a caring, friendly and reliable alternative to taxis and other impersonal methods of transport.

Our clients range from seniors, those recovering from illness or injury, people with mobility challenges or disabilities through to children and teens needing safe travel or people needing to get pets to the vet. In fact we drive anyone who would prefer a more reliable and personal driving service at no extra cost.

For those requiring extra help we will assist you from your door to the car. We will accompany you to your appointment making sure you get where you need to be and we will wait with you if necessary or be there to pick you up afterwards. We can provide companion assistance with shopping, picking up prescriptions, taking your out for a cuppa or a scenic drive and we are happy to help with walkers or wheelchairs if you use one.

We also provide a personal driving service for tourists and holiday makers. This is a great flexible option if you just want to relax on holiday without having to worry about driving yourself and finding your way around. Go where you want, when you want without having to be part of a busy tour or group.

Freedom Drivers are ACC Registered Vendors. We are also providers for the Total Mobility (TM) transport scheme. This means we accept the TM vouchers, chits or cards in most areas.

Find your local driver now “click here” or call 0800 956 956

The Company

About Us

Freedom Drivers are kind, caring, reliable and local. You can be confident that your driver will arrive on time every time and that you will be personally assisted to your appointment and picked up afterwards.

If you require regular transport you will be able to build a relationship with the same driver who will get to know you and your needs.

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Freedom Companion drivers are a service dedicated to providing a convenient, friendly and safe option to those who cannot drive themselves.

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