About Our Services

Our Companion Driving Service provides a reliable, friendly and safe transport option for anyone who does not drive or who prefers not to.

Freedom Drivers are kind, caring, reliable, and local. You can be confident that your driver will arrive on time and that you will be personally assisted to your appointment and picked up afterwards. Our customers become friends and you’ll have the opportunity to build a relationship with a driver who will get to know you and your needs personally.

Freedom Drivers provide:

  • A personal transport option for anyone unable to drive or no longer driving
  • Personal driving services for those wanting the confidence of getting to know their driver
  • Transport to medical and other appointments for those with injury or illness
  • Personal transport for seniors who require a little extra care and consideration
  • Personal transport for anyone of any age with mobility issues or other disabilities
  • Safe transport for children
  • A flexible personal driving service for tourists who do not wish to join groups or tours
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Freedom Companion Drivers

Our Background

Freedom Companion Driving Services was established in 2011 to provide a superior transport experience for those unable to drive themselves. We provide a personal transport service that includes companion services and extra help at either end of the journey for those that need it. We also provide a flexible personal driving service for tourists and holiday makers. We are approved by NZ government agencies and we rigorously screen our franchisees. We are members of the New Zealand Franchise Association and meet all of the NZ Franchising standards.

Our Difference

People ask us what is the difference between our companion driving service and a standard taxi service. One way to look at it is that it is like a taxi ++++ service. We take you from A to B but it’s the reliability and extra help you get at either end of the journey that makes the difference. Our ‘personal driving service’ really is personal which means you’ll get to know one or two drivers and you’ll pay rates comparable to a professional taxi service (and sometimes less).

We love building positive, friendly, caring relationships and we’ll ‘go the extra mile’ when needed. We can take notes at an appointment; help with shopping; make sure you get to the right place for your appointment in a busy clinic and, when we transport children, we make sure the child is safely taken to their destination and personally dropped with the appropriate person. If you’d like a scenic drive or outing on your own or with a friend or two – no problem – we can even stop for tea along the way.

We are ACC Registered Vendors and Freedom Drivers accept Total Mobility cards in most regions.

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Freedom Companion Drivers

Meet Our Head Office Team

Freedom Companion Driving service is a family business. It’s a pleasure to be involved in an organisation which builds positive relationships and provides a valuable service in the community. We look forward to you becoming a part of the “Freedom Family”.

Julian Smith
General Manager
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