What We Do

Freedom Companion Driving Service is dedicated to providing a convenient, friendly and safe transport option.

Freedom Drivers is a companion driving service. Our drivers are kind, caring, reliable, and local. You can be confident that your driver will arrive on time every time and that you will be personally assisted to your appointment and picked up afterwards. If you require regular transport you will be able to build a relationship with the same driver who will get to know you and your needs.

We have companion drivers in Northland, Auckland, Mid North Island, Wellington, and Nelson.

Freedom Drivers are a great option for:

  • Anyone no longer driving
  • Those not driving due to injury or illness
  • Seniors who prefer to have a companion
  • People with mobility issues or other disabilities
  • Children needing safe transport
  • Tourists who would prefer their own personal driver
  • Anyone wanting a more personal and reliable driving service at affordable prices

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Freedom Companion Drivers

Our Background

Freedom Companion Driving Service was established in 2011 to provide a superior transport experience for seniors and those unable to drive themselves. The Freedom network is expanding and currently includes Auckland, Kapiti, Wellington, Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Nelson with more areas coming on line shortly.

We are approved by NZ government agencies and we rigorously screen all our franchisees. We are also members of the New Zealand Franchise Association and meet all of the NZ Franchising standards.

We provide private drivers, personal drivers, and companion driving services.

The Freedom Drivers Difference

Freedom Driving services are private drivers who tailor their services to your needs. We love building positive, friendly relationships with our customers. Our point of difference is that we provide assistance and companion services if required. For example, we can accompany you to an appointment and take notes if needed; we can help with shopping and when we transport children we make sure the child is safely taken to the class or group they are attending and personally dropped with the appropriate person. If you’d like a scenic drive either on your own or with a friend or two – no problem – we can even stop for tea along the way.

People sometimes ask us what is the difference between using a Freedom Driver and a standard taxi service. One way to look at our driving services is that it is like a taxi ++++ service. We take you from A to B but it’s the total reliability and extra help you get at either end of the journey (at affordable rates) that makes the difference.

All Freedom Drivers are ACC Registered Vendors and we accept Total Mobility Vouchers and cards in most regions.
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Freedom Companion Drivers

Meet Our Head Office Team

Freedom Companion Driving service is a family business. It’s a pleasure to be involved in an organisation which builds positive relationships and provides a valuable service in the community. We look forward to you becoming a part of the “Freedom Family”.

Joanne Bush
General Manager & Marketing and Sales
Mike Bush
Jayden Bush
Marketing and IT Support

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