Driving and Companion Services

Driving and Companion Services

At Freedom Drivers, we have a full range of different private driving services to suit your Driving and Companion requirements.

Medical Appointments

Our personal drivers will pick you up at home and take you to your appointment, accompanying you into the clinic or hospital to make sure you get to the right place. We can wait for you, or leave our card with reception who will phone us when you are finished. Liaising between medical staff and family – if requested we can attend an appointment with you to provide extra support.

ACC Funded Transport

All our companion drivers are ACC registered vendors. We transport ACC claimants to their medical appointments, to work and in many cases we take children to school if the ACC claimant is unable to do so. If you are an ACC client let your case manager know that you would like to use Freedom for your transport needs.

Scenic Drives & Social Engagements

Book a driver to take you out for a scenic drive. It’s great to get out and about especially if you have been unable to drive for a while. You might like to out to lunch with a friend or attend a social gathering – our scenic drivers would be happy to help out. Or ask your Freedom Driver to take you and a friend to a movie and pick you up afterwards.

Shopping & Personal Grooming

Freedom’s private drivers can drive you to the shops and come in and help you do your shopping and carry your bags if you need us to. We can stop off at the pharmacy, pick up a takeaway meal on the way back, and even come in and help you pack your shopping away if you would like us to. We are also happy to take you to personal grooming appointments – the hairdresser or beauty parlour and pick you up afterwards.

Total Mobility Service

In most areas, our companion drivers are able to take the NZTA funded Total Mobility cards or vouchers (taxi chits) which allows you the appropriate discount on your fare. Ask your local driver for details.
Total Mobility Provider

Children’s Safe School Transport

If you need reliable safe transport for your children for school runs, to school and after school – look no further. We do not just drop children off outside a school, we park the car and always accompany them inside to make sure they are taken to a specific place or or handed over to a specific person just like you would do if you were driving your children yourself.

After School Activities & Sports

We know how hard it is to juggle all the transport children often require. You may need to take one child to ballet, another to football and another somewhere else. This can be problematic if parents or caregivers are working full time. We can collect children from school and take them to their sports and activities or just bring them home as needed. Children will always be accompanied to the correct place and/or booked in with the right person.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

We are able to provide wheelchair vehicles in some areas. Please check our driver details to see if a wheelchair accessible vehicle is available in your area.
Freedom Companion Drivers

Airport Drop Off & Pickups

The usual transport but with extras. We will come to your door at home and assist you with your bags. At the destination we will assist with all luggage and accompany you inside the airport/ bus or train station to make sure you check in with no problems if you need us to.

Business Travel

Freedom Drivers are a great choice for meetings, conferences and other business transport. Perhaps you are here on a conference and your partner would like to take a scenic drive or do some shopping whilst you are busy. Perhaps you would like a driver to pick up after conference or a meeting and drop you at a restaurant.

Travel With Pets

We are happy to transport you and your guide dog or assistance dog. We frequently assist people to take their pets to the vet or kennels. Just give your driver a ring and explain what you need – even if it’s pet transport services!

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Prices and Booking

We are a pre-booked service so give your local driver a ring for a quote – we are very affordable.
We are often cheaper than a taxi for much more in terms of service.
Prices are time based and we will quote you based on your specific requirements.
Prices may vary from region to region.

Gift vouchers are available!

Safety and Licensing

All our franchisees meet specific safety requirements and are qualified to drive passengers. A Passenger (P) Endorsement, and Transport Service License (administered by the New Zealand Transport Agency) is required for all Franchise Owners. Many drivers have also completed First Aid qualifications and have achieved Unit Standards for handling clients with disabilities. All vehicles are Certificate of Fitness compliant.
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