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Hi, my name is Gavin Bennett and I’m the proud owner of the Freedom Companion Driving franchise for the Tauranga area, including Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and Te Puke.

My wife Kath and I have lived in Mt Maunganui since 1988 where we’ve raised our three beautiful daughters who have all now flown the coop.

In 2013 I retired from the New Zealand Police where I served as a frontline policeman for over 30 years. I have always enjoyed helping people so when I came across this franchise I leapt at the opportunity to continue helping my community. Having spent time as a volunteer for Age Concern, visiting elderly in their homes for companionship, it’s pretty obvious there’s a real need for a service such as this. Of course this is a service for all members of the community who for whatever reason are unable to drive themselves.

When I’m not driving I’m probably out walking with Kath, at the gym, gardening, reading or following just about any sport, especially rugby and the All Blacks.

I look forward to meeting you and driving you to wherever you need to go in a friendly, reliable, professional and safe manner and making each trip an enjoyable one.

Personal driving service for tourists in Tauranga.

Stress free and flexible. If you are on holiday and don’t want to drive or join a crowded tour try our personalised driving service for tourists. Stop when and where you like. Hire us for a half or a full day. Your own personal holiday chauffeur! We are happy to drive long distances just call to discuss.


I would like to let you know that I experienced excellent service with Gavin Bennett of Freedom Drivers for my appointment in Auckland. Gavin was on time, he helped me into the vehicle, he lifted my bags and crutches and returned my chair hire to the hospital when I was at my appointment. He made courtesy stops when I asked AND, on the way home, he stopped at my workplace to collect my laptop. I felt completely taken care of and very safe. Thank you for providing such a supreme service. I can confidently say that I would recommend Gavin’s services without hesitation. I love how ACC are supporting local business. Well done ACC! Thank you again Gavin. It was a pleasure to meet you. I enjoyed our conversations and easy travel very much. –


An absolutely wonderful service. I used Freedom in Tauranga and cannot speak highly enough of how efficient, helpful and friendly Gavin was. It really took the worry out of hospital trips. –

Dianna Stallinger

I cannot speak highly enough of the professional service provided by Gavin Bennett and his team from Freedom Drivers Tauranga. After rupturing my right Achilles tendon I initially felt very vulnerable and was unable to drive. It was fantastic being able to rely on Gavin to transport me to and from work and to medical appointments. The team were always punctual and very friendly going the extra mile to ensure that I felt safe and well looked after. They were also very flexible around my work hours which was important to me as a person who manages a large team of staff. I would recommend Gavin and his team to anyone who is in a similar situation, I doubt you would find a friendlier or more professional service anywhere. –


Hi, I would like to highly recommend Freedom Drivers- Tauranga (Gavin and his Team) they were outstanding with their service, always very punctual and friendly. I have had 6 weeks with my left leg in cast unable to drive. Gavin and his team have taken the extra stress away by getting me to and from work. Compared to other services I believe Freedom Drivers Tauranga are top of the bunch. Thanks again. –

Mark Richards.

What a wonderful service Gavin provides. My elderly mum is now quite vulnerable, and certainly not able to drive and so Gavin has been a godsend, not only taking mum to and from appointments but also staying with her to make sure information is passed on to me when I can’t be there. I have found Gavin to be totally reliable and trustworthy and very caring. Thank you Gavin for your great service.-

Lesley & Laurel M.

Thank you Gavin and your team at Freedom Drivers for your wonderful assistance when I was injured and in desperate need of some assistance transporting my 2 children and myself over a 3 month period. As a parent you want to ensure your children are always safe and it was a great relief to meet your team and to know that they were in safe, trustworthy and reliable hands going to and from school, to appointments and to after school activities. My children were always relaxed and happy. Your team were always punctual and given the Tauranga traffic that is quite a feat! The cars were safe and very comfortable and the driving skills were excellent. Your team were always cheerful and friendly and kind and caring. They were polite and considerate and always showed courtesy and concern and an interest in our lives. We would recommend you unreservedly and wish to thank you once again for all your help and support.-

Sarah B and family.

Doctors and staff at the Mt Medical Centre are pleased to endorse the wonderful service that Gavin provides. –

Dr Tony Farrell.

Gavin, I just wanted to thank you for making the 9 weeks I was in a cast and unable to drive such a breeze. Your reliability, flexibility and genuine concern and interest was a godsend and I wouldn’t have coped without you or using a generic taxi service. When you find yourself reliant on others and not used to it, asking people for help with simple tasks doesn’t come easy. But with you I never had to ask. You always opened the door for me, grabbed my bags, bought in my shopping, waited, and offered your help before I had a chance to think to ask. In fact you suggested things that I hadn’t thought of that made my life that little bit easier when it really mattered. You found a way to incorporate my travel needs, appointments and last minute requests, with the commitments to your other clients without hesitation and were without exception always punctual. Nothing was too much to ask. I would recommend you unreservedly to anybody that through age, disability, injury or other found themselves reliant on others for transport. While I am so grateful to have recovered from my surgery to the point of regaining my independence, I will genuinely miss your company and loyalty. All the best for your business and much needed service….

Rebecca Cotton

Gavin of Freedom Companion Driving shows concern and care for those who use his services. I am an 85 year old man who lives on his own and increasingly find I need assistance with transport. Gavin has provided that assistance, taking me to medical appointments (including minor surgery), to both the Hearing and Eye Clinics and shopping. He always assists me and stays so that I’m not having to wait around for a taxi. I have unequivocal absolute trust in his driving skills and his care for general travellers. He is always prompt and on time for appointments and always friendly and cheerful. He has my best wishes for ever-increasing success in his life and affairs. Sincerely-

W “Bill” Forsyth

I just wanted to thank Gavin Bennett for the assistance that he has provided me over the course of several weeks. I had a major foot operation in October 2014 and obviously wasn’t able to drive. I was recommended his services and he replied to me immediately organizing my first pick up. From the outset Gavin was always on time, compassionate and professional in his dealings with me. I can honestly say that the ride to work and back was totally enjoyable. He has the very real ability to make you feel welcome and there is always a conversation to be had. If you want to have a service that encompasses an honest caring person then Gavin is the person that I would recommend. Thanks again.

Mike Caldwell

As a case owner for ACC I wanted to express how amazing I find the serviced of Freedom Drivers. I have had interactions with Mia warwick in Waikato, Rob Strickland in Rotorua area and also Gavin Bennett in Tauranga. All of them have provided outstanding service. They have been tremendous with a “no jobs a problem attitude” and a great communication style. Drivers have offered to visit a client before taking them to Auckland to assess whether or not the vehicle would be suitable for the journey and the client’s wheelchair needs and if required could arrange for a different vehicle to take the client. I cannot commend the this level of service highly enough. I am thoroughly impressed and greatly appreciate the well above extra mile approach taken by Freedom Drivers in the region.

Case Manager ACC

A big thank you to Gavin and his team, what a fantastic service they provide. I lost my leg just over a year ago and have been using the Freedom driving service on and off over that time, but I just had to have a revision of the surgery and I was very stuck, being unable to drive and still having the obligation of taking my youngest to school and my oldest to a course. I was able to give Gavin a call and work out transport for both of my kids with ease and know my youngest was going to be looked after and taken into class and picked up safely. Could not have done it without them and can’t recommend the service highly enough. Thanks Gavin from Freedom Tauranga.

Paul Douglas