Rebecca Cotton

Gavin I just wanted to thank you for making the 9 weeks I was in a cast and unable to drive such a breeze. Your reliability, flexibility and genuine concern and interest was a godsend and I wouldn’t have coped without you or using a generic taxi service. When you find yourself reliant on others and not used to it, asking people for help with simple tasks doesn’t come easy. But with you I never had to ask. You always opened the door for me, grabbed my bags, bought in my shopping, waited, and offered your help before I had a chance to think to ask. In fact you suggested things that I hadn’t thought of that made my life that little bit easier when it really mattered. You found a way to incorporate my travel needs, appointments and last minute requests, with the commitments to your other clients without hesitation and were without exception always punctual. Nothing was too much to ask. I would recommend you unreservedly to anybody that through age, disability, injury or other found themselves reliant on others for transport. While I am so grateful to have recovered from my surgery to the point of regaining my independence, I will genuinely miss your company and loyalty. All the best for your business and much needed service….

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