Chris Treneary

Dear Kirk, I just want to say how much I miss the great service provided by Freedom Coast Companion Drivers for an initial six weeks of a non-weight bearing injury. It was such a relief to me to have a dependable driver who arrived in plenty of time to get me on time without rush to medical appointments. My driver anticipated my transfer and safety requirements at all times; if I was even momentarily inattentive to safety issues, my driver was not. This is such a pleasant change from the frustrations of dealing with taxi services where drivers and vehicles sent can be a somewhat mixed experience for those of us dependant on mobility devices when leaving home. Over six weeks my driver became like a dependable friend in my time of need; so much so on occassion I left him to schedule follow-up appointments knowing the Companion Driver service offered me an assurance of visits to treatment Providers flowing smoothly. Such assurance is more than valuable when one is either injured or suffering from incapacity and discomfort. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Freedom Coast to anyone needing a more comprehensive service than simply door to door transport.

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