How to Become a Freedom Franchisee

How can I apply to become a Franchisee?

Freedom Companion Driving Service is a business with a lot of heart! We’re always on the lookout for great, caring people to become part of the Freedom team. To find out more about becoming a Freedom Franchisee our process is as follows:

Step 1: Read through the content on this website before filling out our Enquiry Form below to register your interest. Make sure you complete all the required fields.

Step 2: We will follow up by phone for a short conversation to answer initial questions and find out a little about you.

Step 3: Complete our Application Form and Confidentiality Deed

Step 4: Once we approve your application, we’ll send you our Disclosure Document and other important information about the business opportunity.

Step 5: Longer interview to talk at more length about the process of getting a Freedom Franchise off the ground. This will help you decide whether or not a Freedom Franchise will suit your needs. It will also help us to determine if you are the right person to operate one of our Franchises.

Step 6: Franchise Territory is reserved for 14 days by means of a deposit.

Step 7: Draft Franchise Agreement is provided for you and your advisors. When all parties agree final documents are provided for signature.

When you have your necessary licenses you will be ready to start your business. We’ll work closely with you during and after your initial training period. We will cover all aspects of how to market and operate your franchise and work with you to secure your customers. Your commitment and hard work plus our ongoing support will help build your franchise into success.

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