Franchise FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about becoming a franchisee

We have compiled a list of questions that regularly come up. If you have any more questions, please contact our head office team.

What licenses are required to run a Freedom franchise?

Yes. All Franchisees require a Passenger Service License (PSL) and p-Endorsement to operate a franchise.

What vehicle is required?

We require a white 5 door vehicle (a list of recommended cars is supplied) no more than five years old. All vehicles are branded with the Freedom brand to enhance recognition.

Is there a uniform?

Yes. Uniform is supplied as part of your start up package. Brand, image and professional presentation are very important so uniform for all drivers is an essential part of building a successful business.

English is my second language can I still run a Freedom Franchise?

Possibly. However, your English needs to be proficient, fluent and clear. We are a relationship business and this involves talking to people on the phone and chatting to people in the car who may be elderly and/or have some hearing difficulty. Your speech therefore needs to be easy to understand. You will also be communicating with companies by email and in person and you will also need proficient written English.

Can I add cars as I grow my business?

Yes you can add additional cars or wheelchair capable vehicles as you grow your business thereby increasing revenue.

Can I run a Freedom Franchise on a part time basis?

No. A franchise is a full time business commitment.

Do I have a defined territory?

Yes, Franchise boundaries will be defined in your Franchise Agreement.

How much money can I make?

While you will be operating your own business under the Freedom banner, with our tools and Head Office support, results will always be determined by your own  time and effort put into growing your business to make it successful. The more active you are in being out and about in the marketplace the more successful you will be.

What training and support do I get?

We have a comprehensive training and support process, backed up by our operations manual, recommended marketing process and practice. You will also receive personal mentoring and support from Head Office. In addition you will be able to build relationships with the other franchisees to provide additional support.

Can I sell my franchise?

Yes. As your business grows it will become more valuable should you choose to sell. This is one of the main advantages of running a small business. You are earning money ongoing but you are also building an asset.

I am concerned about promoting my business as I am a quiet person – would it still work for me?

Yes, it will. Promoting your business is about building warn relationships in the community and explaining the benefits of what we do to potential clients. It’s not really about sales in the sense that we normally think about it. In addition you will benefit from personal mentoring and support in the early stages of running your business that will assist you with promotion.

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