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Driving Services in Rotorua – Robert Strickland

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Tel: 027 207 0406

E-mail: rotorua@freedomdrivers.co.nz

I have enjoyed living in Rotorua for the past 8 Years with all my family living around me, including my 90 year old mother and 3 grandchildren.

I am proud to be part of the Rotorua community and excited to provide a great friendly service for those in need.

Wheelchair accessible transport in Rotorua.

We have a wheelchair accessible vehicle with hoist available for local and longer distance transport. Personalised, caring service. Please call to find out more.

Personal driving service for tourists in Rotorua.

Stress free and flexible. If you are on holiday and don’t want to drive or join a crowded tour try our personalised driving service for tourists. Stop when and where you like. Hire us for a half or a full day. Your own personal holiday chauffeur! We are happy to drive long distances just call to discuss. Wheelchair accessible vehicle available.


As a case owner for ACC I wanted to express how amazing I find the serviced of Freedom Drivers. I have had interactions with Mia warwick in Waikato, Rob Strickland in Rotorua area and also Gavin Bennett in Tauranga. All of them have provided outstanding service. They have been tremendous with a “no jobs a problem attitude” and a great communication style. Drivers have offered to visit a client before taking them to Auckland to assess whether or not the vehicle would be suitable for the journey and the client’s wheelchair needs and if required could arrange for a different vehicle to take the client.

I cannot commend the this level of service highly enough. I am thoroughly impressed and greatly appreciate the well above extra mile approach taken by Freedom Drivers in the region.

Case Manager ACC