Why Invest in a Freedom Franchise?

Why Invest in a Freedom Franchise?

Why invest in a Freedom franchise?

Timing is everything! Aged Care and community services are a rapidly  growing business. With the population of New Zealanders aged 65 plus  projected to double in the next 25 years there has never been a better  time to own a Freedom Companion Driving franchise.  

Freedom Companion Driving Service  

Freedom supports local communities and is specifically designed to provide highly  personalized transport and assistance service to both this growing market of people and  anyone who needs help getting from A to B. Customers range from senior citizens, those  with injuries, children needing transport to and from school and sports and anyone else who  needs temporary or ongoing transport.  

Freedom is set to become a popular choice for these people, whilst providing a franchisee  with the ability to build a great business and make a valuable contribution to their local  community.  

If you have always thought of being your own boss, now is the time to take the step you  always promised yourself and own your own business. Freedom is at the forefront of this  rapidly growing market and is a great choice when it comes to companion driver services.  

The Freedom Difference  

A Freedom franchise means delivering what you say you will and going the extra mile for  your customers. It is all about how you present yourself and your attitude to deliver a top  quality service. We train you and provide you with the systems to assist you in delivering the  best possible service to our customers at the same time creating a great business and  lifestyle.  

Services offered by Freedom include:  

Hospital visits 

Medical appointments 

Personal appointments – hairdressing, etc. 

Shopping outings 

Social engagements 

Children’s safe travel to school and sports 

Airport, bus and train pick ups and drop offs 

Personal driving services for tourists. 

What will you do?  

You give your customers back their freedom providing them a warm friendly face and a safe  and reliable driving service. Customers make bookings directly with you that you schedule  into your day. Working hours are flexible and with systems that are internet based you can  easily run it from home. Customer details, scheduling, quotes and invoicing can all be stored, tracked and produced on line. Customers pay you directly so you can manage your own  income and earning potential.  

Who is an ideal Franchisee?  

You may be from a health or caregiving background or simply looking for an attractive  lifestyle business. Do you have:  

A desire to grow a successful lifestyle business long term 

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and good spoken and written English 

A positive attitude to building good business relationships 

A kind and caring attitude 

Enjoy driving and helping others 

Self-motivation, energy and enthusiasm 

Determination to succeed 

Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness 

Training & Support  

Each franchisee completes a training program that includes a review of the manual, practical  field training, marketing advice and use of the online systems. Although no previous  experience is necessary some previous business experience can be an advantage as are a  reasonable level of computer literacy and good written and spoken communication skills.  

Growing your business  

Although you will be responsible for the daily running of your business we will provide you  with support and advice on ways to grow it. The business can be run by a single operator or  you can grow it with additional vehicles and drivers.  

Selling your Franchise  

Your franchise agreement with Freedom runs for 30 years through 5 year renewal options.  This gives you the ability to sell the business to a new operator giving them certainty that  the area is secured for a reasonable time and adds real value to the business.  

Next steps:  

If you feel a Freedom Franchise is for you then email or call us and request an application  form.  

Joanne on 0800 333 499  

Email: franchises@freedomdrivers.co.nz 

Website: www.freedomdrivers.co.nz